Process & Payment



4 Simple actions to Distribute your Pamphlets to your potential viewers nationwide

 1. Enquiry

Email us at for further enquiry.

2. Purchase Booking

Confirmation of Distribution areas, types of paper, quantity, Leaflet insertion Date, prices and leaflets Collection Details.

 3. Payment*

You can Transfer transaction into our banking account Directly. Please e-mail or fax us the transaction verification slide soon after the remittance to facilitate the arranging process.

 4. Collect

You have to send the Pamphlets from your warehouse and deliver to our Regional Godown.

5. Deliver

Distribution of your leaflets with Daily Newspapers on Insertion Date

 6. Report

Daily distribution report and photos available for customers to view and 
checking through on the next day of distribution by 6pm.

Seeing is Believing! Nothing is to be hidden, every distribution Process is open for inspection, 
and our delivery successful rate above 96%.




 The transaction schemes are as follow:

 100% Advance Payment upon Collection of leaflets.

We accept Cash,Cheque and Bank Transfer.

Cross cheques are to be issue to

“Orbitinfomedia”. All cheques must have been eliminated before Distribution time frame.

Distribution will only start upon verification by

full agreement of transaction.



 Flyers must be gathered 7 business Days prior to Insertion Date.

A sample of theInsert design must be pre-approved.

Minimum 50,000 Copies per order / Insertion area.

Newspaper inserts activity is not an authorized activity by the newspapers. The vendor or The Pamphlet Insertion Mumbai doesn’t indemnify clients that do newspaper inserts in case the newspaper decides to take up the matter legally.


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