18th Aug2017

5 Reasons to use flyers to promote special events

by Orbit

Are you planning to organize a music concert, a store opening or a special event? Well, you need to do something to make people aware of it. There are many ways to do this that includes billboards, TV, radio, and newspapers. These mediums may, however, burn a hole in your pocket, which is why they can be challenging for most small businesses. Flyer insertion can be a great option in this aspect to remind people about the event while making your pocket smile.


Here are 5 reasons why using flyers can be a great idea for the promotion of specialized events:

You can be creative

A flyer can be a creative option for the promotion of special events. You can go for highlighting the primary message in the flyer. Most of the flyers happen to be A4 or A5 in size, and the two sides confer additional space for getting the message across. It is a great way to create early awareness.


You can offer incentives

A flyer offers abundant space for the inclusion of incentives like vouchers and coupon codes. This is certainly a great option for trying and drumming the interest in the event. You can make use of the flyer as incentive mechanism by offering a discount to first 20 people making use of specific coupon code.


It is tangible

Another advantage of using flyer in the promotion of event is the tangible nature. The fact that customers will hold the flyer physically indicated that you are half way to get the messages across. Flyer Insertion are a great way to ensure that your message is easier to see.


It is a great way to reach potential audience

Flyer insertion offer a great platform for the promotion of special events. It is also an effective way of reaching the potential audience through pin – code bifurcation.



Flyer insertion are considered to be a great way to measure the success of your marketing campaign. You can make use of flyer in order to establish or measure the success of your event. Adding QR codes, custom URL and flyer number enable you monitoring how successful the campaign has been.

15th Aug2017

Mastering the Art of Repetition

by Orbit

Repetition has found extensive usage in advertising as a perfect tool for enhancing the identity of a product or brand in the minds of the consumer. It is also a powerful means for creating brand familiarity. At the same time, it may be responsible for customer fatigue as well. Consumers may be so sick of a certain ad that they may tune the same out. Sometimes, they go the extent of avoiding the product actively.

Hence, to ensure that its effectiveness is not lost, it is a prerequisite to use repetition in the right measure as too much of it can lead to adverse effects in a certain advertising strategy. With the reuse of certain images like the logo, advertisers will be successful in the creation of familiarity with brand or product.

Repetition has gained high prominence in the domain of visual advertising as it is an effective means to make potential customers aware of the existence of the brand. To ensure that it is highly effective, it is necessary to plan repetition in a careful manner and deliver the same in limited dosage. Discover the right time for striking the emotional bond with your customers.

So, how this can be beneficial for your marketing campaign?

Wondering what repetition means for your campaign. Have a look at the below mentioned questions and answers to check out how the campaigns are measured in terms of repetition:

How often should you repeat yourself

The more your potential audience sees your product, the more they will get to know you and the more they will rely on you. Giving messages related to your brand at regular intervals is a great way to achieve the same. For instance, you can provide pamphlet insert to voters in advance of Election Day. Go for the next scheduling as the election comes closer. Send the final flyer a few days prior to the election day. It is vital to stick to one specific message and repeat the same constantly to fetch a significant impact.

What should be the repetition frequency

There is just a thin line amidst too little and too much repetition. Take your time and opt for the right frequency that can do wonders to your campaign. You are going to get the best out of repetition as it is spread over the time. This results in the creation of greater familiarity with a message and personalized brand. Thus, voters are going to remember you on the Election day. On the other hand, excessive repetition within a small time duration may encounter reverse effects. Pounding people every now and then will annoy them to the core and they will end up voting for some one else.

Are you giving them sufficient breathing time?

A week is a long time in politics. However, coming to the campaign of pamphlet distribution, a week may be all the time you require for making an influence. The trick lies in leaving the right amount of breathing time between inserting of a pamphlet for gaining exposure without agitating the prospective consumers.

Are you using ample variety?

In repetition, variety plays an integral role just like the frequency of message. In lieu of relying on a singular vehicle for the promotion of your campaign, look for other alternatives for getting the messages across. You will find a better response from the audience to the same message as you promote it in a wide array of means via difference media. Use a combination of social media, direct mail, email newsletters, PR and even face to face meetings for sending the message to the mass.

Once and for all, make sure to focus on the demands of your prospective customers

No matter how hard you try, it is next to impossible to be everything a person needs. Hence, it is indispensable to identify the requirements of potential customers and make use of each of the campaign elements for concentrating on them sharply. Find out which customers are going to make a significant difference in the campaign. Utilize pamphlet insertion to ensure that you are worth the vote. The more decisive you are going to be with your prospective customers, the more successful you will be in reaching them.

12th Feb2017

4 Top Tips to Drive Your Customers To Act on Newspaper Inserts

by Orbit

The ultimate objective behind any marketing campaign is grabbing the attention of targeted audience. Newspaper inserts are recognized to be powerful tools to achieve the mission. They are more substantial and impertinent in comparison to digital channels. Thus, the importance of newspaper inserts cannot be ignored.

You can just put own brand before your potential customers and let them know what to do next.

Wondering what is the secret of driving people to act on your flyer? In a similar way to any type of advertising, there is a testified method to create a successful flyer campaign.

Here are four integral ingredients to ensure that the newspaper inserts advertising is going to convert:

    1 ) Call to action

So, what do you expect your targeted audience to do? It may appear obvious but it is a must to have a clear call to action on a flyer for making a significant difference. A CTA also referred to as Call to Action is what you need to make them do what you want. Opt for this and get your audience go where you expect them, whenever you want.

The best option for achieving this is making use of call to action as a command, for instance, Call us now or Visit our website. Want to know the reason behind this? Well, it is simple: people go after instructions. It contributes to being the same reason website buttons make use of words such as like this or click here. Though the call to action happens to be three words on the flyer, they hold the most significant power in grabbing attention.

Pro business tip:

Make sure not to put numerous calls to action on singular flyer and overload things. Make it hassle free for the targeted audience so that they know what they need to do. This is also a great way to measure the success of your campaign.


  2) Repeat, repeat, repeat

In the hustles and bustles of life, people hardly have time. You will find communications bombarding everywhere. Even at home, a flyer is in high competition with TV ads, social media messages, new paper headlines, and of course, other flyers. If you desire effective results, a singular newspaper insert is not going to suffice. You require repeating it.

In accordance with researchers, people require repeated exposure to a single message for three times at least if you want them to remember and act on it. Owing to this, marketing campaigns demand a repetition of words, images, and messages.

Repetition contributes to being the most common and hassle free process of persuasion. Reuse of specific words, images and messages aid in the creation of a sense of familiarity, thereby making it easier for people to remember your brand. Repetition lets people trust it.

Pro Business Tip:

Develop a balanced plan to communicate regularly. Take your time to find the right balance of repetition.

 3)Three happens to be the magical number

Successful businesses across the globe simplify complicated ideas with the use of Rule of 3. Try this rule on your next flyer design to achieve high cut through. It will assist in improving recognition in no time. Advertising agencies enhance their bottom line as they develop well-renowned slogans with the use of the Rule of 3.

“Just Do It” used by Nike is a popular example of the Rule of 3.

Pro Business Tip

Choose three different products at varied price points for highlighting in a flyer campaign. Concentrate on unique benefits and distribute them on the flyers three times.


The color of the flyer can have a significant impact on the customer while making an informed decision. Take the instance of the color red. According to several studies, the reaction of people gears up as they see the red color. When it comes to designing a flyer, color of words, the tone of images, have major roles to play. Hence, having a deep insight of color psychology can be effective to compel targeted customers to act.

Pro Business Tip:

Red is considered to be the most amazing color if you want to trigger people to buy. Use the same while announcing short term offers and promotions.

23rd Oct2016

Is Pamphlet Distribution the Best Way To Market Your Business??

by Orbit

Pamphlet Distribution CompanyPamphlet Distribution is still a very well-known promotion strategy for companies. But how useful is it for you? If you have been looking at different kinds of promotion and trying to choose which is best, this content may help you to choose whether Pamphlet Distribution is the best way of promotion for you.

If you are considering different advertising models, have you ever regarded the advantages of Pamphlet marketing? It is still one of the most well-known and efficient kinds of promotion, even though more recent kinds of internet promotion are increasing in reputation. It can be used by companies both small and big, and can still be very efficient. Here are a few of the the reason why Pamphlet Distribution may be perfect for your organization.


A Cost-Effective Marketing Technique

Price is always a concern when it comes to promotion. After all, you want to accomplish a excellent ROI from your promotion initiatives. With Pamphlet promotion you have a very cost-effective strategy, and this creates it very attractive.

There are also methods that you can create it even less expensive. If you get your Print,Design and distribution performed by the same organization then you can preserve even more cash, creating it even more eye-catching.

With  doorstep promotion you should keep in mind that the quantity you invest is low when you consider the number of individuals you can arrive at with your actual Pamphlet, and this is one of the the reason why it is so eye-catching to companies of all sizes.


Great Way to Focus on Local Customers

If you are focusing on clients in a particular place, Pamphlet Distribution and other kinds of door-to-door emailing can be very efficient. You will be able to focus on places as particularly as you want to, even particular roads if necessary. You will also be able to protect a huge regional place which will help to make sure that you get your concept before the sight of the individuals who issue to your organization.


Make Your Marketing Count for More

Always analyse all the potential marketing benefits of any techniques before you invest in them, and it is a good idea to try to experiment with a few different techniques. But Pamphlet distribution should definitely be one of the main techniques to consider. With so many benefits, it really could play an important role in your own marketing efforts, so make sure you consider door-to-door mailing in the future.


14th Oct2015

Easy Steps to Make Your Flyer Stand Out of the Crowd For Leaflet Distribution.

by Orbit

You don’t need to spend a lot of money for making leaflets that get Attention..

A leaflet is an affordable and impressive way to get interest in a very active industry. How do you create your leaflet take a position out in the crowd? Here are some techniques that professional designers use for making leaflets “pop.”

1. Create a Snappy headline or Title.

Make it unforgettable, uncommon or revealing using a few properly selected impressive terms. Popular headings contain one or more of these words: Simple, The Secrets and techniques to, Discover, Lastly, Core, Time Delicate, How to, No cost Rewards, Now You Can, Discover, Proven.

2. Use vibrant or amazing design.

One large picture will have more effect than many smaller pictures. A amazing photo or representation appeals to interest, makes a feelings, and facilitates your tale. This picture is your “focal point” and will sketch your visitors in. You can buy affordable but quality stock images on the Internet. Obtain individual images or buy a CD with thousands of pictures.

3. Focus on the benefits of your products or services.

Your leads will ask the question, “What’s in it for me?” Create from the their viewpoint using the terms “you” and “your.” Prevent using the following words: we, us, I and our. Be sure to keep your written text short and to the factor. Some of the most impressive terms to use are: free, save, love, new, outcomes, and assurance. Break up long sections with summary sentences and place them in a individual box.

4. Use powerful recommendations and case studies.

Nothing hits a note like an approval from a happy customer, especially if it shows the outcomes they’ve had with your products or services. Be sure to consist of the first and last name, company name and location of the person offering the approval.

5. Arrange your web page with boxes, boundaries and places of distinct shades.

You don’t need to complete your leaflet with wall-to-wall written text and design. Integrate some white space for making certain elements take a position out and for making the leaflet readable.

6. Create your factors quickly identifiable..

Highlight headings and subtitles in strong, but don’t use ALL CAPS because they are more difficult to study.

7. Don’t get too complex.

Make it simple with two fonts, and position products to a lines. Your web page structure program will offer non-printing recommendations. Use the “snap to guidelines” function to position products quickly to the lines. Be aware of publishing edges. I recommend you create your structure with 1/2″ edges on every side, or add 1/8″ for will bleed on products that create off the edge of the site.

8. Don’t forget to check.

Have someone else check your work. Check your details.Dial the telephone numbers on the leaflet for making sure they are appropriate, and type in the URL of your website for making sure it is appropriate, too.

9. . If you are on a tight budget, try this. 

Select bright-colored or unique paper, and create with black ink. Use shades of dull to offer shades and distinct qualifications places.


10. Offer a discount or special limited-time price. Design a voucher on the bottom one fourth of the leaflet. Be sure to clearly

state the work deadlines and restrictions of the sale. If it is a mail-in voucher, be sure to consist of the payment requirements with places for submitting bank card details, emailing address, etc.


30th Sep2014

Why Use A Leaflet Distribution Service?

by Orbit

When you are looking at Advertising Your Brand,your resources may not allow you to invest in some of the costly ads that you see on tv,radios or Newspaper. This is when you should know more about why you should use a Flyer Distribution or Leaflet Distribution organization such as ours, to help you in getting your Advertsing needs fulfilled. The first purpose you should use our organization is the price is rather low. Second the leaflet distribution can help you reach a targeted audience group, instead of people who will never visit you.Lastly this kind of promotion allows you arrive  out to individuals who you may have never reached beforehand.

The first purpose to use this is the price of the ads you are getting done is rather low. Now if you are having a tv ad run or stations ad you have to get it documented in a studio or some other place. When you are operating your ads by using a Flyers, you just have to get them printed up and have us distributed them for you over the place that you want to cover.

Second flyer distribution can help you arrive at a Targeted Audiences When you arrive at the Targeted Audiences you do not have to be worried about the clients having to generate so far they cannot invest any cash, but you can also have the targeted area to be done on what you may consider your pitch.

Lastly this promotion will help you sketch in clients to you. When you are able to sketch in the clients you can begin to see more revenue arriving up. Then you can improve your promotion or even the items you are providing to make sure you have more clients arriving in. Without this kind of changes, you may have problems in maintaining your clients satisfied or even arriving into the company all enough time. Getting have fun with your company can be a advantage. However, if you are operating low on promotion resources it can be difficult have fun with operating the company. Now you know about the low price of promotion with a Flyer Distribution or Leaflet Distribution organization, instead of the wide swath of using a radio or television stations ad.  Then you can start to see the results which can help you increase your advertising budget even more to continue to grow your company.


30th Sep2012

NewspaperInserts : an effective marketing tool

by Orbit

Newspaper Inserts

Everyday, when you pick up your copy of the Newspaper In the Morning, you will get atleast two NewspaperInsertion and on weekends, the Count  is even more. You pick it up, look at it and if it interests you, you put it aside for future reference…that’s the power of NewspaperInserts! NewspaperInserts are increasingly used for promotional offers from time to time, to lure new and existing customers. While you must have recalled that Big Bazaar,Dmart promotes their stores with a 4-page colour  insert, mostly on the weekends, when people do most of their shopping. Infact, Sunday newspapers are the primary carriers of inserts, particularly of discounts offers etc.

Take a Example of Working couple, who works  in shift jobs, coming home at odd hours. The first thing they do is to look for an NewspaperInsert of a nearby restaurant like Pizza Hut,Dominos or any nearby Restaurants  etc, which they received the day before with their localnewspaper and place their order for home delivery. This is just another way how NewspapersInsertions play an integral role in our lives.

In today’s fast growing communication era, the number of newspapers is increasing in all regions of our country. On an average there are 40-50 Newspapers In Our Country and one can also see daily new newspaper or a new edition launched everyday. The readers are being pushed to subscribe to another newspaper at an attractive discounted price and go away with the paper they  have been reading for a number of years. Sometimes, the readers are being lured to accept one or more newspapers on a complimentary basis. But, in this FastMoving lifestyle, it is practically impossible for anybody to read more than two newspapers . This is the apathy of the readers whom we can term as ‘consumers’ but see the other side of the coin, where the advertisers are putting a lot of money in their advertisements in these newspapers but with this growing competition of newspapers, they are getting lower visibility in terms of actual readership. The per copy visibility has therefore sharply come down because of all this. In such a scenario, local advertisers with limited budgets have to think twice about spreading their advertising message in a limited geographical area.

These advertisers normally do not get value for money they spend on newspaper advertising. For such advertisers, the latest trend of colourful NewspaperInserts placed in the newspapers is proving a boon. NewspaperInserts enable advertisers to target their advertisements to specific geographic markets or we can say particular Pincode at a much reasonable amount than Newspaper Advertsing.NewspaperInsert is one of the Cost Effective Methods of Advertsing. One can practically remember of receiving 10 Pamphlets printed in black and white, generally for ‘home tuition’ in a particular locality. Mostly, we get inserts of local hotels, General stores, summer camps for children, schools, etc. Today, even multinationals like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and lately bigger retail chains like Big Bazaar, etc, have adopted this advertising route.

This kind of advertising directly reaches into the homes of the potential customers. It is estimated that almost 61% of the costomers use atleast one NewspapeInsert to make a purchasing decision while 80% of adults read Newspaperinserts. Thus, the probability of reaching the target audience is quite high through this medium. Advertisers can target a small audience or even a wider one, depending upon their reach and the type of product/service they are marketing.


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