12th Feb2017

4 Top Tips to Drive Your Customers To Act on Newspaper Inserts

by Orbit

The ultimate objective behind any marketing campaign is grabbing the attention of targeted audience. Newspaper inserts are recognized to be powerful tools to achieve the mission. They are more substantial and impertinent in comparison to digital channels. Thus, the importance of newspaper inserts cannot be ignored.

You can just put own brand before your potential customers and let them know what to do next.

Wondering what is the secret of driving people to act on your flyer? In a similar way to any type of advertising, there is a testified method to create a successful flyer campaign.

Here are four integral ingredients to ensure that the newspaper inserts advertising is going to convert:

    1 ) Call to action

So, what do you expect your targeted audience to do? It may appear obvious but it is a must to have a clear call to action on a flyer for making a significant difference. A CTA also referred to as Call to Action is what you need to make them do what you want. Opt for this and get your audience go where you expect them, whenever you want.

The best option for achieving this is making use of call to action as a command, for instance, Call us now or Visit our website. Want to know the reason behind this? Well, it is simple: people go after instructions. It contributes to being the same reason website buttons make use of words such as like this or click here. Though the call to action happens to be three words on the flyer, they hold the most significant power in grabbing attention.

Pro business tip:

Make sure not to put numerous calls to action on singular flyer and overload things. Make it hassle free for the targeted audience so that they know what they need to do. This is also a great way to measure the success of your campaign.


  2) Repeat, repeat, repeat

In the hustles and bustles of life, people hardly have time. You will find communications bombarding everywhere. Even at home, a flyer is in high competition with TV ads, social media messages, new paper headlines, and of course, other flyers. If you desire effective results, a singular newspaper insert is not going to suffice. You require repeating it.

In accordance with researchers, people require repeated exposure to a single message for three times at least if you want them to remember and act on it. Owing to this, marketing campaigns demand a repetition of words, images, and messages.

Repetition contributes to being the most common and hassle free process of persuasion. Reuse of specific words, images and messages aid in the creation of a sense of familiarity, thereby making it easier for people to remember your brand. Repetition lets people trust it.

Pro Business Tip:

Develop a balanced plan to communicate regularly. Take your time to find the right balance of repetition.

 3)Three happens to be the magical number

Successful businesses across the globe simplify complicated ideas with the use of Rule of 3. Try this rule on your next flyer design to achieve high cut through. It will assist in improving recognition in no time. Advertising agencies enhance their bottom line as they develop well-renowned slogans with the use of the Rule of 3.

“Just Do It” used by Nike is a popular example of the Rule of 3.

Pro Business Tip

Choose three different products at varied price points for highlighting in a flyer campaign. Concentrate on unique benefits and distribute them on the flyers three times.


The color of the flyer can have a significant impact on the customer while making an informed decision. Take the instance of the color red. According to several studies, the reaction of people gears up as they see the red color. When it comes to designing a flyer, color of words, the tone of images, have major roles to play. Hence, having a deep insight of color psychology can be effective to compel targeted customers to act.

Pro Business Tip:

Red is considered to be the most amazing color if you want to trigger people to buy. Use the same while announcing short term offers and promotions.


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